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Southeast Georgia Free-mo 
  HO  2ft x 14ft
  Name: Southeast Georgia Free-mo
Scale: HO Free-mo -
Size: Varies
Roads: Varies
Locales: Generic
Era: Varies
Layout Style: Modular - Free-Mo standard
Layout Height: 50"
Benchwork: Modular
Subroadbed: Varies
Track: Code 83
Turnout Minimum: no. 6
Minimum Curve Radius: Mainline 42". Branchlines 36"
Maximum Grade: 2%
Scenery Construction: Foam, Plaster-dipped used dryer softener sheets
Backdrop Construction: None
Control: Digitrax DCC per Free-Mo Standards
Currently have 20 free-mo modules that are nearing completion and other modules under construction
Photos located at
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