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Nate Stone, Clinchfield Northern Railroad 
  HO  23'X20'
  Photo 1- Northbound Extras pause for crew change at Milepost 196.
Photo 2- A southbound manifest winds downgrade through Rocky Siding in the Clinchfield loops.
Photo 3- Moss Mine and coal processing facility on the Clinchfield's Fremont Branch.
Photo 4- Union Baptist Church and nearby houses at Dante, VA.
Photo 5- A pusher set, led by NREX 6811 eases up to help at Rocky North End.
Photo 6- Northbound coal drag on Pool Point bridge near Elkhorn City, KY.
Photo 7- Preparation for cross tie replacement at Delp, VA on the Fremont Branch.
Photo 8- Busy engine service tracks at Dante Yard.
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